Only Son – It’s a Boy

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A video for Only Son:

YouTube version
Vimeo version

Balloon Camera Rig

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In the fall of 2006 I built a helium-balloon camera rig with a remote-control pan/tilt device and a wireless video viewer/controller. The balloon rig and viewer/controller are both powered by lithium polymer batteries.


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The MGR-3000 is a modular gantry robot. It consists of two computer-controlled XYZ gantry modules. One gantry holds a camera using a pan/tilt device. The other holds interchangeable attachments.

Structural / Mechanical Design

  • The motors are 12-24V DC with worm gears.
  • Connecting structures are lasercut 1/8″ MDF, layered with wood glue to form 1/4″ rigid parts.
  • All other mechanical and structural parts are from McMaster.
  • Motor adapters reduce from 5/16″ (motor) to 1/4″ (shaft) using 5/16″ shaft couplers and 5/16″ OD / 1/4″ ID bushings.
  • Shafts are 1/4″ steel.
  • Bearings are 1/4″ ID, flanged and shielded.
  • Horizontal rails are lined with 0.08″ pitch timing belt, matched with 48-tooth and 60-tooth timing belt pulleys.
  • Vertical mechanisms use 25-pitch roller chain and sprockets.
  • Primary structural elements are 1″ x 1″ square steel and aluminum tubes.
  • Mounting hardware is predominantly 1/4-20 bolts.

Electronics / Software Design

  • The attachment modules are provided with 120VAC (relay controlled), 24VDC (relay controlled), 5VDC (relay controlled), a 5VDC servo signal, and ground.
  • Each limit switch is an IR interrupter attached to a breakout board.
  • Motors are driven using an L298 kit.
  • Digital and analog inputs/outputs connect to Arduinos via a proto shield.
  • The Arduinos communicates with a computer via USB.
  • The user interface software is implemented in C++ using the FOX Toolkit.