Be Kind Rewind

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In February 2008, I worked on an installation for Michel Gondry at Deitch Projects. Visitors would conceive a film, write a script, and shoot their film all within a 2-hour window.

I created software and electronics for several parts of the installation. A train interior and bedroom interior both had video windows that could be switched between day/night and country/city. A car had a projected background, also switchable between day/night and country/city, with the playback speed and volume controlled by a gas pedal (a hacked guitar pedal).

Two units had video backgrounds that moved in syncrhonization with hand-cranked miniature foregrounds. I created wooden optical encoder wheels to measure the rotation. The structural and mechanical parts (along with all of the other sets) were created by Tim Rossiter.

After being installed in New York, the installation traveled to Sao Paolo and Rio.


Photos at Deitch Projects
Photos on Flickr
An Interview
An Article (New York)
An Article (Brazil)


Os Gemeos Organ

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In the summer of 2008, I designed and built the electronics and software for an Os Gemeos installation at Deitch Projects. The installation consisted of a 1960’s electric analog organ, modified so that each key played a digital sample, enclosed in a plywood box, attached to a set of speakers.

I used a Mini-ITX computer with custom software (using the portaudio library) to play the audio samples. Key presses were detected by a pair of Arduinos. One Arduino was used simply to multiplex the other Arduino’s I/O lines.

The software included a recording mode, so that Os Gemeos could record each sample using the organ keyboard and a microphone. For some samples, they played songs from a laptop attached to external speakers, which were then recorded using the organ’s software/microphone (a nice digital to analog to digital process).

The work was subsequently installed as part of The Margulies Collection in Miami.


Exhibit photos at Deitch Projects
YouTube: Organ at The Margulies Collection in Miami
YouTube: Os Gemeos at Deitch Projects


Fast Planting

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This project placed the MGR-3000 robot in the W/———— space in April 2009. The dimensions of the robot were modified to fit the space and the yellow frame was constructed for the installation.

The robot planted seeds and recorded videos/photos of the plants growing. The robot used a set of attachments: soil moving, seed distributing, watering, and lighting.

Watch it here: Fast Planting Video