Garvy J. – War is Over… Again

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Production Stills

Director: Peter Sand
Editor: James Holland
Producer: Chris Tsonis
Producer: Tilke Judd
Sets: Olivier Koch
Sets: Chris Peters
Sets: Chris Grossman
Sets: Arnaud Pilpre
Sets: Zea Barker
Sets: Keith Kowal
Sets: Guy Hoffman
Sets: Tilke Judd
Sets: Karena Tyan
Sets: Estevan Martinez
Sets: Christina Hawkes
Sets: Amy Wibowo
Sets: Austyn Hill
Gaffer: Neil Forman
Make-up: Michelle McCormack

Special Thanks
Harold Strand
Mat Laibowitz
Blake Brasher
Richard Whitney
Tim Anderson
Tom Buehler
Polina Golland
Fredo Durand
Seth Teller
Patrick Wang
Susan Cohen
MIT Council for the Arts

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