Os Gemeos Organ

In the summer of 2008, I designed and built the electronics and software for an Os Gemeos installation at Deitch Projects. The installation consisted of a 1960’s electric analog organ, modified so that each key played a digital sample, enclosed in a plywood box, attached to a set of speakers.

I used a Mini-ITX computer with custom software (using the portaudio library) to play the audio samples. Key presses were detected by a pair of Arduinos. One Arduino was used simply to multiplex the other Arduino’s I/O lines.

The software included a recording mode, so that Os Gemeos could record each sample using the organ keyboard and a microphone. For some samples, they played songs from a laptop attached to external speakers, which were then recorded using the organ’s software/microphone (a nice digital to analog to digital process).

The work was subsequently installed as part of The Margulies Collection in Miami.


Exhibit photos at Deitch Projects
YouTube: Organ at The Margulies Collection in Miami
YouTube: Os Gemeos at Deitch Projects


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