Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger

In August 2007, I worked on a Daft Punk music video directed by Olivier Gondry.

The video was shot using hundreds of cameras, mostly wielded by audience members (mostly using cameras brought be the audience members). Tapes were distributed at the start of the show, people were assigned locations to stand, and tapes were collected at the end of the show.

Within hours of the show ending, we began around-the-clock tape transfers, using 7 computers and 8 cameras (see photos below). The transferring finished ahead of schedule, in about 24 hours, producing a couple terabytes of data.

Then we began processing the data. Olivier worked on one copy of the data while I worked on another copy. We each wrote custom software to align and edit the footage.


MySpace version (higher quality)
YouTube version (lower quality)


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