Be Kind Rewind

In February 2008, I worked on an installation for Michel Gondry at Deitch Projects. Visitors would conceive a film, write a script, and shoot their film all within a 2-hour window.

I created software and electronics for several parts of the installation. A train interior and bedroom interior both had video windows that could be switched between day/night and country/city. A car had a projected background, also switchable between day/night and country/city, with the playback speed and volume controlled by a gas pedal (a hacked guitar pedal).

Two units had video backgrounds that moved in syncrhonization with hand-cranked miniature foregrounds. I created wooden optical encoder wheels to measure the rotation. The structural and mechanical parts (along with all of the other sets) were created by Tim Rossiter.

After being installed in New York, the installation traveled to Sao Paolo and Rio.


Photos at Deitch Projects
Photos on Flickr
An Interview
An Article (New York)
An Article (Brazil)


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